Welcome to the website of ISHAM-Veterinary Mycology Working Group (ISHAM-VMWG)

This working group has been established by a group of experts under the umbrella of International Society for Human and Animal Mycology (ISHAM) to support all scientific aspects that deals on mycology and veterinary sciences, including:

  • Diagnosis & identification of veterinary pathogenic fungi
  • Pathophysiology and immunology of fungal diseases in animals
  • Epidemiology, prevention, control and eradication of animal mycoses
  • Vaccine development, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic evaluation of Antifungals in Animals
  • Fungal zoonoses
  • Mycotoxins and Mycotoxicosis
  • Standardization of animal model on invasive fungal infections and use of alternatives

We aim to share expertise among all countries around the globe to provide strong framework of existing knowledge, as we may learn a lot from each other. We collaborate with other ISHAM-working groups, international societies, regulatory agencies and governmental authorities.
Participation in this working group is open to everybody who interested to join this international network on the area of veterinary mycology.

Thank you for joining us!
ISHAM-Veterinary Mycology Team


26-30 October 2015
2nd International Veterinary Mycology Course
Turin University, Italy

Detailed information and Program

Minimum number of applicants: 15
Deadline for application: September 1st, 2015.

Registration fee:

  • EURO 600 for students, postdocs
  • EURO 800 for academia
  • EURO 1200 for Industry participants (Accommodation is not included)

For registration/detailed information please contact course directors:

ISHAM-VMWG organizing committee


General Meeting of ISHAM Veterinary Mycology Working Group, 19th ISHAM Congress, Melbourne, Australia

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